I support the broad range of policies proposed by UKIP for an independent country in which democracy really works.

My call for Britain to leave the European Union is rooted in a belief in democracy and independence. My commitment to this objective has been reinforced by corruption in the EU and the cost of our continued membership.

Only be regaining our independence can we have:

  • Control of our trade relations around the world. We will re-embrace trading opportunities with all 192 nations of the world, not just the 26 countries in the EU.
  • Control over who lives among us. We will freeze immigration for five years, speed up deportation of illegal immigrants and have ‘no home no visa’ work permits to fill essential skilled jobs.
  • Control of our politicians through citizen referendums and right to recall MPs and councillors to face re-election.
  • Control of our own income. We will take 4.5 million people out of tax with a simple Flat Tax starting at £11,500.
  • Fairness throughout our Country. We will have an English Parliament of English MPs at Westminster to match similar arrangements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For more detail see the policies link on this site