I will continue to live in Epping Forest

As a candidate at the coming General Election I am pleased to repeat my undertakings to continue living in Epping Forest constituency and to travel to Westminster on public transport whenever it is reasonably available. Unlike the current MP I would not claim for the costs of a flat in central London.  

I would continue to experience the same crime levels, traffic, tube service and joy of living in this area just like the rest of the local people and I believe
that would make me a better MP than Mrs Laing.


I have never been on the public payroll and never received any expenses from national or local government.

Contrast my experience to
Mrs Laing (Conservative). As an MP for Epping Forest she has claimed the maximum amount for Additional Accommodation Allowance in the latest year for which information is available. This on top of salary and benefits.  The amount was £24,222 tax-free which is more than many full-time workers earn in this constituency.

In order to claim these funds Mrs Laing had to maintain the fiction that her permanent home is in Theydon Bois.  She likes to refer to it as a cottage but it is in truth a substantial detached house.

Tax affairs

There was outrage when Mrs Laing sold her taxpayer funded second home for a £1 million profit. By telling the tax authorities her Westminster flat was her main home she avoided tax of £180,000 or more. In order to keep her nomination as Conservative candidate (but only after The Daily Telegraph revealed the facts - DT 22 February 2009) she has offered to pay £25,000.

Many local Conservatives called for her dismissal at a
general meeting on October 26 but she survived following support from David Cameron and Eric Pickles. It is believed Mrs Laing is a personal friend of her party leader. Eleanor Laing is the shadow junior justice minister!